Quality Assurance Policy

Policy of the company KEFALOS HOTELS LIMITED, is to provide products & services of high quality, hygiene and safety, to comply with the national and international standards and to respond to its customers’ demands in order to keep them satisfied.

In order to achieve the above, the Management of the company has decided to implement an Integrated Management System according to:

1. the International Standard ISO 9001:2015
2. the International Standard ISO 22000:2018
3. the requirements of the Department of Labour Inspection for the employee’s Health & Safety
4. the general Legal requirements
as it is described in the documented Procedures.

The company, identifies and examines the quality, hygiene and safety issues arisen in the hotel’s processes and
therefore implements the required measures for their prevention and correction. The management’s aim and
commitment is the continual improvement of the Integrated Management System, through:

  • the elimination of the customer’s complaints and enhancement of their satisfaction
  • the elimination of the products’ safety hazards,
  • avoiding of any form of damage to the environment via its activities,
  • the continual motivation and training of employee’s.
  • the provision of resources for the infrastructures’ improvement
  • the active participation of all employees in the Management System
  • the continual improvement of the company’s processes
  • the evaluation of the external providers and the maintenance of a mutually beneficial relationships.
  • the identification and evaluation of the risks and opportunities arising inside and outside the hotel, and which may affect its operation.
  • the updating and continuing effort to meet the requirements of existing legislation, guidelines, and applicable standards.
  • The ensuring of Employees and Customers Health & Safety and the effective Management of Crisis.

By implementing the principle of Continual Improvement, the management of KEFALOS HOTELS LIMITED
recognises and rewards both the individual and team effort, invests in people, respects the customer and is
committed for the implementation of all the above targets.